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That Mary Lee Murphy should work in Batik is no surprise. For an artist who loves the wildness of the rocks and wind, the processes of Batik replicate in a way the creative forces at work in nature.

The repeated soaking and layering of dyes one over the other, the blocking out with wax, the cracking, the straining, the scrubbing out the ironing……….

All these physical acts and processes call to mind the scouring of the wind, the weathering of stones, of rockpool soaking plants and stones in their own juices, the summers’ heat, the winter frosts……

It is a process ideally suited to Mary’s passion in the face of the landscape. A process that calls for immediacy, directness and above all physical engagement.

Such a passion takes risks, evolves new techniques, pushes forward always seeking to discover new ways to capture the energy of place.

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